Victorian Rider Handbook

Victorian rider handbook Victorian Rider Handbook

The Victorian Rider handbook contains:

  • information relating to road law (as it specifically relates to motorcycle use)
  • motorcycle road craft
  • motorcycle safe driving practices

The handbook provides information in the following sections:

  • Section A – Getting Ready (road law for motorcyclists and licensing requirements)
  • Section B – On the Road (the right gear/bike, being seen, safe control of the bike)
  • Section C – Staying Alive (safe distances, handling difficult surfaces, riding at night, carrying passengers/goods)
  • Section D – Here’s Trouble (dealing with emergencies and bike security)

Latest version

The latest version of this handbook was reprinted with amendments in October 2011.

Availability and cost

Available for purchase from the Victorian Government Bookshop, by calling 1300 366 356, attending VicRoads Customer Service Centre , selected newsagencies, some libraries and other retail outlets (cost can vary between retailers).

Languages available

The Victorian Rider handbook is available for purchase and to view online in English only.

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