General Enquiries:

How old do I have to be?

You need to be over 18 years old for all of our courses.

How do I get my bike licence?

You need to hold a motorcycle learner permit for a minimum of 3 months before you can take your motorcycle licence test.  You must also complete the 3.5 hour check ride at least 1 calendar month prior to the licence assessment.

I have never ridden a motorbike before, where do I start?

You can proceed straight to the 2 day learner permit which is for beginners-experienced.  You just need to be able to ride a bicycle. Or, if you are unsure you can attend a 2-hour Pre-Learner course first; this covers moving off, changing gear, very basic cornering & coming to a safe controlled stop if you want to try it out before committing to the 2 day learner course.  We don’t hold pre-learners on  regular basis though, just twice a month on average.

I’ve never ridden any type of bike before, is that ok?

We must be able ride a bicycle first; this will help you practice your balance and co-ordination before introducing an engine!

Do I need my own motorbike?

No we supply everything that you need for the course. You are better to attend the course before you buy anything. We will give you knowledge on safety gear so you can make a more informed choice when making your selection.  Unless you are on an interlock condition, if so you must provide your own LAMS approved bike with an interlock fitted.

What happens if it’s raining?

Rain is ok, we live in Melbourne after all, you will get caught in the rain one day! We have waterproofs, if the weather becomes a safety issue and we have to re-schedule we will let you know.

I don’t have much time/I can already ride, can I do everything in one day?

No, everyone must do the mandatory 2 day learner permit in Victoria now.

I did my Learner Permit months ago & I haven’t ridden, can I go straight for my licence?

The licence is an on-road assessment, you need to have ridden!

My car licence is suspended/cancelled; can I ride a motorcycle until I get my car licence back?

If your car licence is suspended/cancelled, this means ALL your licences are cancelled/suspended. You cannot drive/ride any vehicle.

I’ve held my motorcycle learner permit over 3 months, my licence has been cancelled/suspended. Can I book in for my licence?

You have to hold a valid (not cancelled/suspended) licence at the time of the test. Your 3 month probation period also has to restart from the date your licence is re-instated. At the date of your licence test you must have held your motorcycle learner permit for a minimum of 3 consecutive months leading up to the test date.

My learner permit has expired, can I get an extension?

No. You have to start all over again, you have up to 15 months to take your licence test and VicRoads will not extend it.

I cannot speak English; can I take my bike licence?

VicRoads will supply a translator for the written knowledge test who will read it to you in your spoken language. The Victorian Rider Handbook is only available in English so you’ll need someone to help you study for the written test. You will need to be able to understand & follow English direction though. Unauthorised people are not allowed on the training range (e.g. your family, friends or interpreters) so you need to be able to follow the instructor’s commands. We cannot allow you on the training range/motorcycle if you do not understand, as it becomes a safety issue for everyone on the course.


Licence Enquiries:

This is a guide only, for further information contact VicRoads

I don’t have a car licence or learner permit; can I just get a bike licence?

No, you need to be recorded with VicRoads and have passed the general road law test with them. You don’t need to drive a car, just hold a minimum of a car learner permit.

I’m here on a temporary visa, I have an overseas licence, can I ride a motorbike whilst I’m here?

You need to change over your overseas licence if you still want to drive a car too. Please be aware that once you have gained a Victorian learner permit you can no longer drive on your international licence.  Alternatively, you can gain your Victorian motorcycle learner permit (& not drive on your o/s licence) once you have passed the road law test at VicRoads.

I have an interstate licence, I’m working in Victoria, can I get my bike learners without changing my licence over?

If you are working in Victoria temporarily you can not still keep your interstate car licence & gain a Victorian motorcycle learner permit.  You need to change over your car licence if you still wish to drive a car.  (Military personnel – please consult VicRoads).

I have a Victorian motorcycle learner permit and an interstate/overseas car licence. My motorcycle learner permit is about to expire; can I get my full bike licence?

You can’t hold more than 1 full licence. Once you pass your motorcycle licence it is added to your car licence. You need to transfer your interstate/overseas car licence to a Victorian licence first. See VicRoads for full information.

I have an overseas motorcycle licence, can I transfer it over?

If you hold a full unrestricted (not scooter/automatic) you may be able to attend a licence conversion course & test. You need to take your overseas motorcycle licence into VicRoads along with your Victorian car licence and ask them to record it as a dual (car & motorcycle) licence. Once you have done this, contact us with your details and we will check to see if we can convert your licence on passing the appropriate tests.

I have a car & bike learner permit, can I get my bike licence?

You need to pass the Hazard Perception test first at VicRoads (this is different to the test you took for your car learners). Full & probationary car licence holders have already taken this test. There is also an additional licence fee for first issues.

I want to ride an automatic scooter; do I have to ride a motorcycle?

No, we have Honda scooters that you can take your course and test on. The new GLS laws are now in, if you take your test on an automatic bike you are restricted to an automatic non-geared bike.

What restrictions will I be on?

For all the latest rules and laws you need to visit the VicRoads website. However, the general rules are LAMS (Learner legal – you need to check the particular model not all 600cc are learner legal!) motorcycles/scooters only. No alcohol, no pillions, no sidecars, trailers,  you must wear an approved high visibility vest, etc. This is for the entire time on your learner permit and for a further 3 years on your licence (even if you hold a full car licence for x amount of years). See VicRoads for all the latest and correct rules though.

I have a medical condition/on prescribed medication, I have a car licence, do I still need to get medical clearance?

We still need to apply for medical clearance for a motorcycle; failure to do this could result in loss of time and money for you. Please provide our office with a medical report (most GP’s have the VicRoads form) at least 5 business days prior to your course. We will then send it to the VicRoads Medical Board for you.

I’ve got my truck/forklift/car licence so do I have to do the bike theory test?

Yes you do, it’s a written knowledge test based on the Victorian Rider Handbook & general motorcycle knowledge. Everyone needs to pass this written knowledge test.

How do I prepare?

You need to read the Victorian Rider Handbook to help you pass the written knowledge test.

I did my learners before the new changes, can I do the old testing?

No, all the pre-M-GLS is no longer used in Victoria, the licence assessment is on the public roads & one on one with the examiner.  We highly recommend completing the 3.5 hour check ride to help prepare for the assessment.