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Allstar Motorcycle Training - Course Bookings

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VicRoads Motorcycle Learner, Licence Course and Testing

All prices shown are effective from 01st March 2018
Course Duration Price
Pre-Learner (OPTIONAL) 2 Hours $100

Learner Permit M-GLS 2 day course



2 days




Check Ride On-Road

3.5 hours


Licence Test Only 1 hour 15


Overseas Licence Conversion

(Please see Learner Permit, Check Ride & Licence Test)

See above

Individual Tuition

Hourly $150
For all other courses please contact our office
*If you hold a car learner permit, first issue licence fees apply.
Our prices include VicRoads fees, except 1st issue.


Bookings: Telephone [03] 9706 8758

Courses run 7 Days a Week