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Motorcycle Learners Permit Test Victoria


Motorcycle Learners Permit Test

To gain a motorcycle licence in Victoria, you must first hold a motorcycle learners permit for a minimum of three months. As long as you hold a Victorian car licence or learners permit, you don’t need to go to VicRoads. At Allstar Motorcycle Training, we can do it all for you here.

The course runs for two days and is mandatory in Victoria, no matter what your previous riding experience or ability. To gain a motorcycle learners permit, you will need to pass a written knowledge test (based on the Victorian Rider Handbook) and a practical ride test with an on-road component.

The Testing Process

On day one, you will learn about road craft and road safety with the written knowledge test, as well as how to ride a motorcycle or scooter (you will need to pre-book a scooter). You must read the Victorian Rider Handbook thoroughly in order to pass. If you fail this part of the motorcycle learners test, you cannot complete the on-road final component on day two.

On day two, there is a recap of the material learned on day one, as well as further education on road craft and road safety. There is also further training on the motorbike or scooter and an on-range road simulated assessment. If you are successful in the assessments, you can then proceed to the final component on the road to gain your motorcycle learners permit.

Things to Remember

Once you’ve passed your learner permit test, you can ride any LAMS (learner legal) approved bike or scooter. (Please note that if you take the test on an automatic scooter, you will be restricted to a scooter).

If you’re unsure of your readiness for riding a motorbike, you can attend a two-hour Pre-Learner course to see how you get on. You must be a learner for a minimum of three months before you can come back and sit for your licence. Be warned, though – your motorcycle learners permit expires after 15 months and cannot be renewed, so you need to make sure you come back within this time.

Please be aware that all learners must complete a 3.5 hour on-road check ride at least one calendar month prior to the licence test. Remember to allow for this when booking if you are approaching the expiry date of your motorbike learners, as you cannot renew or extend your learners and will have to complete the two-day learner permit test again.

We recommend that you get as much experience as you can as a learner and practice, practice, practice before coming back for the on-road check ride.

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* Applicable for learner course from February 2017