Check Ride

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The 3.5 hour check ride is mandatory for all learners who gained their learners from 2/4/16.

This coaching will give you all the valuable tools & skills to help you pass the licence assessment. If you gained your learners permit prior to the M-GLS you do not have to complete the check ride. However, please be aware that the licence test is designed on the skills that you learn & practice on the check ride. If you choose not to complete the check ride, please be aware that there is no training or practice prior to the licence assessment (this is what the check ride is for).

It is highly recommended that you get as much practice as possible before coming in for the check ride. You can complete the check ride when you are ready (we recommend riding for a month or 2 to gain experience/confidence) after your learners (then you have to wait 1 calendar month before sitting the licence test) up to 14 months. Bear in mind that with the 1 month wait after that your learners does expire as you can’t extend/re-new & would have to start again from the beginning. You can attend as many check rides as you wish there is no limit!

You can use your own LAMS, road worthy, road registered, non-modified bike or us one of ours.