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Attaining Your Motorbike Licence in Melbourne, Vic

To gain a motorbike licence in Melbourne, you must hold a valid motorcycle learner permit for a minimum of three consecutive months and less than 15 months. If you get cancelled or suspended, you must restart your three months again. If you do not hold a full or probationary Victorian car licence, you must pass the Hazard Perception test at VicRoads prior to booking in for your motorbike licence. Please note that there is also an additional licence fee for first issue licences.

To be allowed a motorcycle licence in Melbourne, you must also pass a practical examination, which is an on-road assessment with yourself and the qualified assessor. This is not for learners, which is why it’s recommended that you use the 3 to 15 months as a learner to practice and build your level of skill. Please note that if you take your test on an automatic scooter, you will be restricted to an automatic for the three years.

Important Things to Remember

All learners must complete a check ride at least one calendar month prior to the motorbike licence test and bring in the Certificate of Completion on the day. The check ride is both on-range and on-road, and we will provide valuable feedback about what you need so you can go away and work on the necessary skills to pass the motorbike license assessment.

You must then wait at least one calendar month before you come back for your one-on-one motorbike licence assessment either on your LAMS bike or one of our bikes. You are then restricted as before for a further three years under LAMS. Don’t leave things until the last minute, because your learners permit is only valid for 15 months.

Overseas Motorbike Licences

If you hold an overseas motorbike license that is full and unrestricted, you may be able to convert this over to a full motorbike licence in Melbourne, Vic. To do this, you need to successfully complete the two-day learner permit course followed by the on-road licence assessment. If you think you are eligible for this, please contact our office and we can explain how this can be accomplished.

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