All good

Licence Course – October 2013Michael Z

Don’t think another instructor could explain better, very impressive training techniques, definitely recommend.

Licence Course – August 2013Chris B

He is a very nice guy, honest with his work & everybody, thanks.

Learner Course – September 2013Jaswinder B

Very enjoyable! The information provided by the instructor was clear & easy to understand. The concept learnt not only will improve my riding experience but make it a fun & safe ride.

Learner Course – September 2013Eddie P

Clear & patient with all questions asked. Made me feel extremely relaxed, have never ridden before & feel confident to ride.

Learner Course – October 2013Helen R

Really helpful, extremely relaxed learning environment with a professional trainer

Learner Course – October 2013Matthew G

Pretty supportive staff & very professional

Learner Course – October 2013Ilia O

Very friendly & helpful, fantastic

Learner Course – July 2013Robert K

Great instructor, knowledgable& entertaining

Learner Course – October 2013Dylan T