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Winter Warmer…

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Even though it’s cold outside & a bit miserable don’t let that deter you from getting on a bike.  Let’s face it, living in Melbourne it’s going to rain, you could leave the house in the middle of summer, sun shining & 30 degrees.  A great day to go riding & boom on the way home torrential rain & 17 degrees!  Welcome to Melbourne weather, 4 seasons in 1 day is not a lie.  By getting your learner permit in the rain it gives you invaluable experience of wet weather riding.  Decent wet weather gear on & you’ll keep yourself dry & if you do get a little wet, it’s only water!  To help get you out & about we’re offering weekday winter specials, plus by booking online you can save yourself an additional $10.  Or earn yourself a free check ride with our special offer running at the moment, ask for the special flyer when you come in for your learners.  It’s never been a better time to get on 2 wheels.