How to get a learners?

Posted on byAllstar Motorcycle Training.
This is the most asked question!  We still hear stories on how years ago it was $17 & a ride around the block, how it’s changed but for the better we may add.  With the M-GLS to gain a learner permit it is a 2 day mandatory course where you are taught how to ride a motorcycle or scooter & assessed.  The 2 day learner teaches from beginner, day one is training on the bike, road craft & road safety & the written knowledge test at the end of the day (based on the Victorian Rider Handbook).  Day 2 is further training on the bike, an on range road simulated assessment, upon passing we go out onto the road.  Once you have gained your learners you are then legal to ride any LAMS bike on the road/dirt bike.  If you complete the course & test on a geared motorcycle you can ride either motorcycle or automatic scooter, if you chose to complete the course/test on an automatic scooter you will be restricted to an automatic (if you only want to ride a scooter you can chose a scooter which we have too). It sounds complicated & a long process, but trust us the longer training & on road component is helping to have safer riders.