What course do I need?

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Here’s a quick recap of what you need to do to get your motorcycle/scooter licence.
Step 1 – The 2 day Learner Permit course, this is mandatory for everyone. Upon passing you can ride any LAMS approved motorcycle/scooter on your learners. If you are nervous or unsure take advantage of the 2 hour Pre-Learner course we offer.

Step 2 – The Check Ride, you must complete this a minimum of 1 calendar month before your licence test. This is a mandatory requirement for everyone (overseas motorcycle licence conversions have the option)to help prepare for the licence test.

Step 3 – Licence Test, you must complete the licence before your learner permit expires (you can not renew or extend the learners) & have completed the Check Ride a minimum of one calendar month previous to you test.

You are restricted to LAMS bikes, no pillions, bluetooth, sidecars, etc for a further 3 years once you have your licence. For more info see The Victorian Rider Handbook, you also need to read this book before you arrive for your learner permit course.


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Did you know we still run the 2 hour Pre-Learner courses? The Pre-Learner is great for those that are unsure if they want to ride a motorcycle or scooter & don’t want to commit to the 2 day course. During the 2 hours we teach you how to mount & dismount the motorbike or scooter, move off, change gear (on the geared bike), basic cornering & how to come to a safe controlled stop. It’s only $100 & a great way to see if you want to proceed to the 2 day learner permit course. Usually held on selected Saturday afternoons, booking is essential & you must be at least 18 years old, hold a minimum of a car learners & be able to ride a bicycle (so you can balance a bike).

Christmas Hours

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Did you know we are open over Christmas & New Year? Obviously, we are closed the main days, otherwise everyone would leave! Although it will be great to get a few days off & hopefully get out riding if the turkey belly allows access to the bike hehehe. Christmas vouchers have been popular this year so I’m sure there will be some happy faces on Christmas morning when they find they’re getting their learners or licence to ride!

Feedback on M-GLS

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So the M-GLS has been running for 6 months now & the feedback has been really positive. Repeat learners who have done both the old system & the new have said how much better the new training & testing is & they love the on road component as it increases confidence to go out by yourself & practice. Of course there are always going to be some negativity, usually from those who haven’t been successful the first time! The great thing about the new training is those that pass are ready to go out onto the roads & hopefully be safer riders. It really is encouraging safety first & foremost & making riders more aware, alert & above all, safe! We pride ourselves on getting safer riders that are ready, to really enjoy getting out there & living the dream. As not only is it a great form of transport but it certainly makes commuting more interesting too!


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So, we are being inundated with people asking about the new M-GLS, no your mate is wrong, you don’t have to complete 30 hours in a log book & no it’s not going to cost thousands of dollars!  Yes, it is a really good thing being introduced, we have done the new training & assessments & have only positive things to say.  It is going to make safer & better riders & also with the on-road components it takes away that terrifying first time out on the roads by yourself.  So here’s all the info for you:

From 19th March 2016 under the M-GLS ALL Learner Permit applicants will have to attend a 2 day course.  This gives you all the training to become a better & safer rider, this is a fantastic course which gives you lots of training & practice with a on-road component at the end.  We provide helmet, bike & gloves, you need to have ALL skin covered.  It is imperative that you read the Victorian Rider Handbook (at least 3 times!) as if you do not pass the written knowledge test on Day 1, you can attend Day 2 but you will not be allowed to complete the on-road component which means no learner permit & you’ll have to come back to complete both the written test & the on-road component at your expense.  Read the book, all the answers are in the Victorian Rider Handbook if you read it thoroughly). Upon passing day 1 & 2 you then obtain your motorcycle learner permit to go away & practice on your LAMS bike/scooter all the skills you have now learnt, in preparation for your licence assessment in 3-15 months.

All learners that complete their learner permit from 19th March 2016 must complete a check ride at least 3 months after passing the learner permit.  This check ride is conducted in a group either on your LAMS bike or you can rent ours & takes 3.5 hours.  The check ride is both on range & on road & we will provide valuable feedback & what you need to go away & work on to assist you in passing the licence assessment.  You must then wait at least 1 month (don’t leave until last minute your learners is still only valid for 15 months) before you come back for your one on one  licence assessment either on your LAMS bike or you can rent one of ours.  You are then restricted as before for a further 3 years under LAMS.  Learners prior 19th March 2016, are strongly recommended to complete the check ride, as this is a valuable tool in helping you successfully pass the M-GLS licence assessment.

We hope this clears up any confusion about what your uncle’s mates neighbour heard on social media about the new tests!  We can’t wait to roll out this new system & look forward to making you safer, better riders.