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Winter Warmer…

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Even though it’s cold outside & a bit miserable don’t let that deter you from getting on a bike.  Let’s face it, living in Melbourne it’s going to rain, you could leave the house in the middle of summer, sun shining & 30 degrees.  A great day to go riding & boom on the way home torrential rain & 17 degrees!  Welcome to Melbourne weather, 4 seasons in 1 day is not a lie.  By getting your learner permit in the rain it gives you invaluable experience of wet weather riding.  Decent wet weather gear on & you’ll keep yourself dry & if you do get a little wet, it’s only water!  To help get you out & about we’re offering weekday winter specials, plus by booking online you can save yourself an additional $10.  Or earn yourself a free check ride with our special offer running at the moment, ask for the special flyer when you come in for your learners.  It’s never been a better time to get on 2 wheels.

How to Practice?

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So you have your learner permit & no bike to practice on, what can you do?  We highly recommend buying a reasonably priced bike or scooter (whatever is applicable to your learners) & get practicing as soon as possible so you don’t forget what you learnt on the learner course.  There are lots of bike websites that people sell on their LAMS (Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme) bikes & scooters on or you can try Gumtree or Marketplace.  Remember if you are not mechanically minded get someone that knows what to look for to check them out with you.  Make sure the bike/scooter is suitable for what you want to use it for too, a really cheap rec reg dirt bike is no good if you want to ride on the road for example.  There is one hire place in the city that hires to learners, however, if you are looking to hire for a couple of weeks it may be more economical to purchase one for yourself.

Check Ride? What Check Ride???

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Hopefully most of you know what the check ride is, it’s basically the motorcycle equivalent of the 120 hours you do in a car is the best way to describe it in my opinion.  So you have your learners, awesome, you’ve been out riding on your bike & now you want to sit your licence test. You call up all excited to book it in & then they ask “have you done your check ride?” Wait, what?  Check ride?  What check ride?  Yes you need to complete the 3.5 hour check ride at least 1 calendar month prior to your licence test.  It is mandatory & you have to do it (just like your car hours), plus it gives you lots of feedback on if you need to go & practice before your licence test.  Just don’t leave it too late, remember your learners expires after 15 months.  VicRoads don’t send you a reminder so it’s up to you, put it in your calendar so you don’t forget.

How to get a learners?

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This is the most asked question!  We still hear stories on how years ago it was $17 & a ride around the block, how it’s changed but for the better we may add.  With the M-GLS to gain a learner permit it is a 2 day mandatory course where you are taught how to ride a motorcycle or scooter & assessed.  The 2 day learner teaches from beginner, day one is training on the bike, road craft & road safety & the written knowledge test at the end of the day (based on the Victorian Rider Handbook).  Day 2 is further training on the bike, an on range road simulated assessment, upon passing we go out onto the road.  Once you have gained your learners you are then legal to ride any LAMS bike on the road/dirt bike.  If you complete the course & test on a geared motorcycle you can ride either motorcycle or automatic scooter, if you chose to complete the course/test on an automatic scooter you will be restricted to an automatic (if you only want to ride a scooter you can chose a scooter which we have too). It sounds complicated & a long process, but trust us the longer training & on road component is helping to have safer riders.


What course do I need?

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Here’s a quick recap of what you need to do to get your motorcycle/scooter licence.
Step 1 – The 2 day Learner Permit course, this is mandatory for everyone. Upon passing you can ride any LAMS approved motorcycle/scooter on your learners. If you are nervous or unsure take advantage of the 2 hour Pre-Learner course we offer.

Step 2 – The Check Ride, you must complete this a minimum of 1 calendar month before your licence test. This is a mandatory requirement for everyone (overseas motorcycle licence conversions have the option)to help prepare for the licence test.

Step 3 – Licence Test, you must complete the licence before your learner permit expires (you can not renew or extend the learners) & have completed the Check Ride a minimum of one calendar month previous to you test.

You are restricted to LAMS bikes, no pillions, bluetooth, sidecars, etc for a further 3 years once you have your licence. For more info see The Victorian Rider Handbook, you also need to read this book before you arrive for your learner permit course.